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December 16, 2018
By Erica Haller Photography
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We will still be offering the same great products we always have at the studio and despite the price increase from our suppliers this year, almost all of the products we've been offering have stayed the same price!  Most of our pricing has stayed the same for more than four years now.  


 How can we do that?  Well, the cost of our products includes the cost of our business.  With each sale, we not only pay for the high quality products we are selling, we also need to pay for our rent, electric, props, studio staff, photographers and other expenses incurred with our business.  We love being able to offer a beautiful, relaxing space for our clients to enjoy their session and be able to provide everything needed for your sessions with all the comforts of home for new moms and dads.  Even though we took on a large expense in building a new studio, the savings we will experience over time here in our new space is already being passed on to you - our customers!  The goal of building this new studio was to make sure we can continue to offer the highest quality products available in the professional market without having to increase our prices because of increased overhead and lab costs.  


This strategic move for our business, has also allowed us to EXPAND our product offerings.  We have added some "budget-friendly" options, new digital offerings, as well as some new, higher-end premium options.  Here are some details about these exciting editions, but please stop by the studio some time to see all of these great new offerings for yourself!


Mounted vs. Un-Mounted prints - which should you choose? As I mentioned before, the cost of a professional print is much more than the paper it is printed on.  It's the time and talent it took to create and edit the image.  Each print has to help pay for the equipment used to capture the image and the props/backgrounds in the image.  It has to keep the lights on in the studio and pay the rent.  You get the idea.  So if a print is more than just the paper, with this new option which print should you choose - mounted or un-mounted?  You'll still get the highest quality print from our same professional lab, but we are now offering un-mounted prints so you can stretch each dollar a bit more at your session.  For example, the same picture that costs $140 as a mounted 16x20 art print, can be purchased for only $75 as a 16x20 print.  The additional cost of mounting the print helps to keep that image safe over time as well as give you the option to display it on your wall without glass - so it looks more like artwork than just a print behind glass.  We've only offered mounted prints for all these years because that is the best way to professionally deliver products to your customers and we will always offer this option.  With all the hard work that went into creating the image, we want it to last forever and look like art on your walls.  But, if you plan to put the image behind glass to match others already hanging or if you are printing one for Grandma to fill a frame she already has, an un-mounted print will do just fine.  Similarly, an un-mounted print is easier to use when adding a mat as the print is often taped to the back of the mat, which is harder to do with mounted prints.  The right choice for you comes down to your budget, how you plan to display it, and the longevity you are looking for.  

New Digital Image Options: Do you want just one high resolution file of an image to keep, but you don't need a print of it - okay!  At long last, we now offer single, high-res files for purchase.  We've also added a 10-image high resolution package to our all ready very popular 20 image package.  The 20 image package still comes with a professional printed book of all the images in your order, a discount on additional high resolution images purchased over 20 and 20% off of any of our new wall gallery collections - wow!  For any questions on these new digital options, just call or email the studio.

Designing your wall is even easier with our new wall gallery design cards! Often people have a collection of favorite images that they want printed, but don't know how to group and display them. We've always offered a custom wall design option, but our new wall gallery cards make finding the perfect collection even easier!  Each collection has pricing for all display options (print, art print, stand out, canvas) which makes picking the design best for your budget easy!  If you have pictures from a past session that you haven't printed yet and would like to come in to see the gallery collections for inspiration, we'd be more than happy to have you stop by and take a look.  We want those pictures up on your walls to enjoy!  

We will continue to offer our in-person personalized wall design service too.  Before your ordering session, you can send us a picture of any walls in your home that you may want to display the portraits on - a cell phone snapshot is just fine.  If you include a piece of computer paper taped to the wall we can use that to easily measure the wall so you don't have to measure a thing.  Then, when you are in the studio, we can drag, drop and re-size the images right on your own walls so you can see which image and size is best for your home.  The new wall gallery designs are loaded into our program too so you can design these galleries in person using the mock-up rooms we have or the walls in your own home!  Decorating your home with pictures from your session has never been easier!

New Album Covers!  After much time and research, we've found an album company that provides a line of baby and family album covers offered in beautiful, modern styles with the softest leathers we've ever felt. Our new line of premium covers, including a new cameo cover option, is now available for ALL our albums. We've simplified our album offerings to an 8x8 and 10x10 size, both of which will be available with the cameo and premium cover upgrades.

A new look for the image boxes is now available! The image box is a fun alternative to an album.  It's so nice to open a box of prints to look through the memories.  There is something nostalgic about it.  We've always offered this popular product, but the cover options were a full fabric/leather or custom photo design.  NOW, you can combine those two options with a fun fusion cover, similar to those we offer for our albums.  The fusion cover is available with some of our most popular leather, linen and fabric covers.  We are so excited about this new product and can't wait for you to see it in person!

A new budget-friendly canvas option to keep you from falling into the online "drooping canvas" trap.  Professional canvas wraps are expensive and for good reason.  It's hard in today's market to understand the difference between the $20 "canvas" wraps you see offered online and the comparable $100+ canvas wraps available through a professional photographer.  For those bargain wraps, the word canvas is used loosely.  While it may feel and look like canvas, it is often not real canvas so therefore not as durable and lasting.  Often these canvas wraps begin to droop and sag over the years loosing their appearance and the integrity of the structure.  Speaking of structure, whether the wrap is real canvas or not, often the wood structure that the canvas is wrapped around is poor quality.  Many times, it's not even wood.  Over time, this too will give way and break.  It's hard to tell how long an item is going to last until it's too late and you find the item hasn't held up well with age.  Professional products are obviously built to last.  We've always offered the highest end canvas wraps, but our supplier has also recently introduced a more budget-friendly option which we are pleased to now offer.


The Premium Line: The Ultimate Display with Outstanding Options


Beautifully hand-crafted, our Premium Canvas Wraps give you more options for depth, printing surfaces, protection, and hanging. Premium Canvas Wraps are made with heavier wood bars in two depths, 1-1/2" and 2-1/2". Choose from Fine Art Canvas, Lustre Photo Canvas and Metallic Photo Canvas with Semi-Gloss, High Gloss, and Matte protective laminate options. Finish a Premium Gallery Wrap with sawtooth hangers, corner bumpers and black paper backing or with a wire hanger.


  • Premium Canvas Wraps are hand-constructed in two different depths
  • All laminate options protect the Premium Canvas Wrap from scuffs, scratches, cracking, and UV light.
  • Finish with an optional Wire Brushed Float Frame


The Standard Line: Lightweight, Fewer Options and Stunning


Canvas Wraps are a way to turn any photo into a work of art. If you’re looking for a quality Canvas Wrap, inexpensively priced, without anything fancy such as a laminate, or hanging options, our standard Canvas Wraps are the perfect solution. They are available in one depth, 1-1/2", with one paper option, Fine Art Canvas with no lamination options. Still upholding the professional standard and high quality printing, these Canvas Wraps are finished with sawtooth hangers and corner bumpers without any paper backing.


  • Canvas Wraps are only available in the popular 1-1/2" depth
  • Canvas Wraps are finished with sawtooth hangers and no black paper backing
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