Newborn Photography Workshop 2018
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December 29, 2017
By Erica Haller Photography
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Bring your newborn photography to the next level with this one of a kind Newborn Workshop by Erica Haller Photography.

Newborn photography requires unique and complex skills, above and beyond standard camera expertise. Successfully working with babies requires mastering the skills of baby soothing, newborn safety, technical posing elements, session flow and more.

 Strengthening your abilities in these foundational areas of newborn photography will allow you to open the door to endless creativity and individuality in your newborn work.

 Let us help you build this foundation and bring your newborn art to the next level.

I have nearly a decade of professional photography experience, and newborn photography is my favorite niche. Pursuing my passion, I’ve studied under the industry’s top newborn photographers and traveled the country to work with the best of the best. 

For six years, I’ve trained newborn photographers by taking the knowledge I’ve gained from other experts, applying my own creativity, and always continuing to perfect my craft.

 Our newborn workshop is for photographers who are serious about improving their newborn work. Content will include:

  •       Session Planning and Design
  •       Lighting
  •       Newborn Specific Camera Techniques
  •       Newborn Safety
  •       Session Flow and Transitioning
  •       Baby Soothing
  •       Business Planning
  •       Products and Sales
  •       Customer Service
  •       HANDS ON wrapping and posing practice with the state of the art Stand-in-baby

 You will receive:

  •       DISCOUNTS AND SPECIAL OFFERS from our favorite vendors and workshop sponsors
  •       Door prizes and special goodies from our sponsors
  •       Key documents you can reference to help you improve your business, fast (our price list, contracts, parent preparation email, business planning and much more!)
  •       Our shopping guide – where we get our favorite items (blankets, props, hats)
  •       Equipment lists – the lenses we use and why, the supplies we have on hand for each session
  •       Private Facebook group for continued support and individual image critique

Spots are limited, so call us at 609.903.2001 or email with questions or click here now to grab your place in this exciting workshop.

Limited opportunities are also available to add on:

  • a one-on-one or two-on-one mentor session so you can pose baby and create portfolio images to take home
  • an older baby (sitting or first birthday) mentor session with models and portfolio image opportunities
  • individual business or portfolio review and planning session

Two trained, professional newborn photographers, myself and Teri, will be there to make the already small class, even more individualized and maximize your learning opportunities.  We are excited to have hands on opportunities for you to master posing and wrapping with the Stand-In Baby.  Plus, there will be lots of goodies, give-a-ways and discounts from our favorite vendors and workshop sponsors!

The total tuition for the two-day workshop is only $875.  

Need more information?  Just call or email for travel information and a list of local hotels.

Contact us today or sign up here.



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