Newborn Photography Workshop 2018
December 29, 2017
Albert's World

Bring your newborn photography to the next level with this one of a kind Newborn Workshop by Erica Haller Photography.Newborn photography requires unique and complex skills, above and beyond standard camera expertise. Successfully working with babies requires mastering the skills of baby soothing, newborn safety, technical posing elements, session flow and more. Strengthening your abilities in these foundational areas of newborn photography will allow you to open the door to endless creativity and individuality in your newborn work. Let us help you build this foundation and bring your newborn art to the next level.I have nearly a decade of professional photography experience, and ...

Our Popular Newborn Photography Workshop is BACK!
September 06, 2017
Albert's World

Our newborn photography workshop is happening again October 17th and 18th. Here's what our attendees had to say about our last workshop: "The workshop was exactly what my business needed!  Not only did I learn a ton about newborn photography from the hands-on and model babies, but I got right to work creating a more profitable and successful business based on all your suggestions.  My first real sale after the workshop paid for the workshop - plus some!  I had so much fun I want to take the workshop again. Thank you for everything. " "I enjoyed the flow of the two days. Starting out with the business stuff followed by taking us through what you actually do on ...

Meeting Eli Waller and the First Day of School Foundation
August 19, 2017
Albert's World

Suzie and I just drove by Sayen Gardens the other day, where Erica first photographed our triplets, Sydney, Ava, and Eli. The location is of course gorgeous, and the pictures came out beautifully, but what we most remember about that day was how easily Erica won over our 2-year-old children. She approached the session with a genuine, bubbly enthusiasm that is impossible for kids and adults alike to resist; by the end of the afternoon, she had all three kids posing in sunglasses, holding hands, and belly-laughing, all of which came through in the photographs she made for us. Our son, Eli, came into the session apprehensively, to put it mildly, but as I look back at those pictures, I can ...

8 Great Feeding Tips - What your girlfriends don't tell you about starting solid foods.
August 08, 2017
Albert's World

They suggests some veggies to try, but your girlfriends might not warn you about what comes next. Peasful Kitchen culinary experts (who double as veteran moms) arm you with everything you should know once your baby is eating real food.  #1: Sh*tis aboutto getreal.Give your baby bananas, and her diaper might smell like bananas. Sweet potato might turn her poop orange. And don't even get us started on red beets and blueberries--woah! It's taken your baby's digestive system, six months to perfect the ability to digest breast milk and formula, and once you throw in solid foods, you can expect lots of changes. Poops might become firmer (more like adult poop), and there can be lots of ...

A day at the beach is no walk in the park with a toddler.
August 02, 2017
Albert's World

The blog was quiet last week as I enjoyed a wonderful beach vacation with my extended family.   It's been a while since I've taken a toddler to the beach and forgot how much STUFF they require.  With just my older two last year we were finally at the grab a chair and book stage for beach outings.  Now we are back to having my husband look like a pack-mule as we trek to the sand for a day of fun in the sun. I found this list of tips online before our trip.  What do you think, is this just too much or is this a helpful list? I ...